UAE Mosques

Allah - Exalted be He - said in His revelation "And the mosques are for Allah (Alone), so invoke not anyone along with Allah (Al-Jinn:18).

Mosques are dignified because they are sanctuaries to remember and supplicate Allah "In houses (mosques which Allah has ordered to be raised (to be cleaned, and to be honored), in them His Name is remembered. Therefore glorify Him (Allah) in the mornings and in the afternoons or the evenings."(An-Nur:36).

IThe UAE leadership took a great interest in building and upkeeping mosques so much so that they became the major national landmarks. UAE is proud to have the fourth largest mosque in the world, The Grand Zayed Mosque. Worshippers are always reminded of the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah rest him in peace, who initiated the building of mosques. H.H. Sheikh Mohammed​​ bin Zayed, may Allah protect him, continues to implement this ambitious undertaking. 

There are about 5154​ mosques in the UAE open all day long to call for piety, righteousness, and peace.

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Last Updated: 10 August 2023