The proceeds of this Waqf are destined to sponsor social and humanitarian services, which include the following:

  • Providing care and services for the elderly through revenues from the Waqf set by the endower. This includes financial, social and psychological support.
  • Providing care and services for people with special needs.
  • Supporting activities designed for children and young people: any Waqf's income supporting such activities with the aim of developing the youth cognitively, culturally, socially and economically.
  • Preserving the environment: any Waqf's income allocated for protecting the environment against air, land, water and food pollution. It is one of the good acts that protects against harm and damage.
  • Increasing awareness about road traffic safety: any Waqf's income reserved for sponsoring activities that enlighten people about traffic safety either via media outlets or others. It is considered as an act of charity.
  • Maintaining public facilities: any Waqf's income allocated to sponsor and smoothly manage the shared infrastructure, such as parks, roads and public toilets.
  • Fighting drugs: any Waqf's revenues reserved for treating addicts and supporting them financially, medically, socially and psychologically. The aim is to help this category of people become strong-willed Muslims who can serve themselves, their community and nation.
  • Charitable media: any Waqf's proceeds that sponsor a media production, whether of news or opinion character, be it a multimedia or print, that can be employed to serve a legal charitable action.
  • Relief efforts: any Waqf's revenues allocated to rescue people afflicted by catastrophes and emergencies. It is an act aimed at relieving distress amongst people.
  • Animal welfare: any Waqf's revenues destined to take care of non-harmful species in terms of their rights and treatment and support the parties concerned thereof.

The Waqf aims at, but not limited to:

  • to contribute to acts of charity, support people afflicted by catastrophes and those with special needs and spread the culture of philanthropy amongst the community members.
  • To provide care for the elderly and create the appropriate conditions to mitigate the effect of their disability socially, psychologically and physically.
  • To spread the awareness of the health, social and civilisational values of the environment and contribute to useful means of avoiding or disposing of pollutants.
  • To contribute to efforts aiming at minimising traffic accidents and preventing loss of lives and damage to the human body and organs.
  • To protect animals from abuse, killing or exploitation in non-permissible ways.
  • To contribute along with the concerned organisations to children and youth programmes and promote them culturally, economically, socially and cognitively.
  • To contribute to the construction of some public facilities for permissible recreational purposes under the Awqaf's supervision and management.
  • To contribute to the treatment and alleviation of physical, family and social complications of drug addiction.

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