Awqaf 's approach to Fatwa

All praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who followed him. 
Welcome to Al Murshid Al Amin, your e-Fatwa service.

-The Official Fatwa Centre operates following an authoritative religious methodology and distinguished electronic mode of delivery.-The user needs to fill in one question in the field provided together with some important information to be used in studies and research the Centre will conduct with the aim of assessing the needs of the community.

-Once received, the religious query will be forwarded to the specialized Mufti. The answer (Fatwa) will be revised, edited, classified and then published if there is no privacy issues related to it. Depending on the nature of the question, the process may take 1 to 5 working days before sending the answer back through email.

- In answering questions, the following will be taken into consideration:

1. To follow the Maliki Madhab (the official school of Islamic law in UAE), while taking into account the situation of each user. Principles of ease and alleviating hardship according to the four Madhabs will also be considered. 
2. To follow the Fatwas and opinions issued by other Islamic jurisprudential assemblies concerning various contemporary issues.
3. To seek the scientific and academic counsel from specialists when need be.
4. Questions related to dreams' interpretation, evaluation of groups, sects and individuals, quizzes and opinion on Fatwas issued by other bodies will not be answered. 
5. In matters related to divorce, inheritance and litigations, the user is advised to consult the Sharia Court. This is because Fatwa regarding these issues requires a personal interview with the two concerned parties in the dispute.
6. To adopt a collective approach to Fatwa, use leniency and easiness in all Fatwas and avoid immoderation and sternness. 
7. Through this service we aim at achieving Awqaf's vision of being a UAE leading entity promoting social awareness and progress according to the tolerant teachings of Islam that recognize the current realities and understand the future challenges. We also work at consolidating its mission of enhancing religious awareness by building and maintaining mosques and memorization centers, managing Haj and Umra affairs and investing in Waqf (endowments) for the good of society as well as its organizational​ values of objectivity, moderation, excellence, teamwork, and continuous development.

Thanking you for contacting us.

Important note: Please send one question in the field provided (question text). In case of multiple questions, only the first one will be answered.

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