Research Section

It conducts scholarly research in line with GAIAE vision and mission. Researchers may tackle religious, national, social or international issues. It must, however, comply to the following:

  • Implement the section's operational plans and initiatives.
  • Spread the Islamic concept of moderation and Islam as the "middle path"
  • Follow ease in religion and avoid immoderation and extremism
  • Avoid religious differences and political issues
  • Serve society and nation's safety and stability

Research Section Tasks

The section is in charge of writing, publishing and disseminating diverse religious materials to protect society from destructive ideas that might adversely affect its culture, beliefs, unity and security in addition to promoting the principle of moderation in Islam.

A. Main tasks

  • Timely implementation of the strategic plan's initiatives
  • Issue publications on religious, national, social or international occasions
  • Conduct social, economic or scientific research from a religious perspective
  • Write and publish shariah (Islamic law) and heritage books (Al-Fiqf and its principles, sciences of the Quran and the Hadith...)
  • Announce research findings in the media.

B. Minor tasks:

  • Contribute to Al-Manar magazine
  • Coordinate with the printing shops
  • Write research papers for seminars and conferences in the UAE and abroad
  • Perform any other related tasks.

C. Support Tasks:

  • Participate in the operational plans of all GAIAE departments such as the Awqaf Department, Center for Ifta', Preaching Department and Quran Memorization Centers Department
  • Issue campaign publications such as the "mosques construction campaigns."
  • Enlighten the media about shariah principles and help them produce shariah compliant shows

Mechanism of Action:

Prepare a timetable for all publications specifying the occasion, expected date of issuance, printing and distribution. The main occasions are the following

  • The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  • Isra' and Mi'raj
  • Holy month of Ramadan
  • Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca)
  • National Day
  • Prophet Migration to Medina
  • Book of Fatawa (Islamic rulings)

Research methodology and technique:

  • Research plan must be approved by GAIAE executive director for Islamic affairs
  • Assign research topics to researchers specifying the occasions and the deadlines
  • Review the research, study and discuss all relevant recommendations and remarks
  • Seek the recommendations of GAIAE director on research findings
  • Get the final approval from GAIAE executive director for Islamic Affairs
  • Set a distribution plan specifying the distribution dates and the number of publications to be distributed
  • GAIAE offices will disseminate said publications among the public and relevant authorities and entities

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