Religious Publications Monitoring Section

This section is in charge of monitoring copies of the Holy Quran, religious books, publications and pamphlets whether written by GAIAE editors or others in the UAE and abroad. Monitoring and censorship must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Be impartial
  • File the archives of all written, visual or audio materials monitored by the section.
  • Maintain total secrecy except when information is needed by any authorized entity.
  • Submit periodical reports on the section's activities to the director of the department.
  • Prepare reports on monitored and censored publications and books.

Main tasks

GAIAE issues several publications to disseminate a balanced Islamic culture, focus on the essence of Islam and its values and promote moderation and tolerance.

  • Timely implementation of the strategic plan initiatives.
  • Issue permits to print the Holy Quran
  • Review and submit recommendations and remarks relating to copies of the Holy Quran and Quran interpretation books
  • Inspect mosques to ensure unavailability of any prohibited books or publications
  • Monitor all books, publications and research findings originating in other countries
  • Issue recommendations on drafts of all religious publications
  • Coordinate with similar entities in regards to monitoring religious publications within the legal framework
  • Collaborate with concerned entities

Work Mechanism

  • Cooperate with the National Media Council.
  • Build partnerships with publishers and distributors to enhance monitoring of religious materials.
  • Cooperate mutually with entities concerned with religious publications.
  • Collaborate with various GAIAE department (ifta' Center, Preaching Department, Waqf Department...)​

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Last Updated: 28 November 2017