Quran Memorization Centers

The public centers for memorizing the Holy Quran were first established during the era of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah rest him in peace.

GAIAE department of Quran memorization centers assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Set the calendar for all memorization courses (two winter and one summer courses).
  • Obtain information from the directors of GAIAE branches relating to the new centers to be established as well as the list of all administratives and teachers for each course.
  • Make announcement for the upcoming courses.
  • Request and renew work permits for the centers' staff.
  • Obtain mid-course and final reports from GAIAE branches.
  • Submit to GAIAE Director General a report on the financial rewards for centers' staff to take the appropriate decisions.
  • GAIAE branches submit the list of the students who have passed the courses to the GAIAE Department of Quran memorization.
  • The Department of Quran memorization submits a written request to GAIAE financial department to grant these students financial rewards.

Charitable Centers for Memorizing the Quran (centers established through charitable donations):

  • GAIAE Department of Quran memorization overviews their implementation of GAIAE regulations and instructions.
  • Ensure that all centers' staff have the work permits issued by GAIAE.
  • Request mid-course reports on the centers' activities, expenditures and revenues.
  • Ensure that these centers are not giving any courses other than Quran memorization ones.
  • Conduct meetings with the directors of charitable centers aimed at improving the centers' performance.

Waqf Quran Memorization Center (centers established by the revenues generated from Islamic endowments):

  • Overview waqf centers through periodical visits.
  • Overview the payment of staff salaries.
  • Request mid-year and final reports in addition to the centers' expenditures and revenues.

Criteria for Awarding Permit to Teach the Holy Quran

  • Candidate must have experience in teaching the Quran.
  • He must have good knowledge of Quran recitation and Tajweed.
  • Obtain the necessary approval from his work place, If the candidate is not sponsored by the center.
  • Candidate must be of good conduct.
  • Submit a letter of candidacy from a Quran memorization center approved by GAIAE.
  • Pass the test administered by GAIAE. In order to sit for the test, the candidate must fulfill the following requirements
1. Emarati National Has completed the high school
  • Has memorized three parts of the Holy Quran with fluency in reading the Quran and Tajweed rules
  • Candidate who did not complete the high school must have memorized the whole Quran
2. Resident Holders of high school diplomas must have memorized ten parts of the Holy Quran with fluency in reading the Quran and Tajweed rules.
  • Candidates who did not earn the high school, must have memorized the whole Quran
  • Post on GAIAE website the names of all licensed teachers.
  • Update information on charitable centers.
  • Prepare a new curriculum for all centers.
  • Establish continuous communication with the GAIAE officials in charge of these centers.
  • Conduct contests throughout the UAE for Public and Charitable centers.

Future plans to develop Public Centers for Memorizing the Quran (Sheikh Zayed Project):

  • Conduct a study relating to the locations of these centers to ensure that they cover most areas.
  • Encourage outstanding students in levels 11th and 12th to become imams. To that end, they attend a training course in public speaking in the summer in addition to granting them financial rewards.
  • Encourage students who memorized the Holy Quran to participate in local, regional and international contests.
  • Establish centers affiliated with GAIAE with year round curriculum.

Quran Center Location


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