Over view of Islamic Affairs


  • Disseminate Islamic knowledge through various channels such as the media, workshops, lectures...
  • Administer and supervise mosques to help it achieve its goals at its best.
  • Reply to Islamic legal inquiries.
  • Regulate and supervise Hajj and Umrah affairs and set the relating guidelines and conditions.
  • Conduct conferences, seminars, religious festivities and contests.
  • Print and distribute copies of the Holy Quran.
  • Supervise religious institutes and Quran memorization centers.
  • Review religious materials such as books, DVDs, fliers... to approve or censor it.
  • Educate and qualify imams and deliverers of Friday sermons (khutaba') in collaboration with educational institutions.
  • Issue work permits for imams, preachers, Khutaba' and mu'ezzins who meet the regulations in force.
  • Issue work permits for religious centers and Hajj and Umrah group contractors who meet the requirements in force.
  • Overview awqaf (endowments) assigned to GAIAE.
  • Invest awqaf and suggest investment projects and programs.
  • Revive and promote the sunnah of waqf for its religious reward and charitable benefits to society.

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Last Updated: 27 February 2018