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Quran memorisation sessions are conducted in the Awqaf’s holy Quran memorisation centres or mosques. Announcements for the sessions are placed on Awqaf’s website, Manar Al Islam magazine, during Friday speeches and in other media outlets. Students can register through the Awqaf’s website or App on smartphones and tablets.


Quran Memorization Department

Service Type

Action Needed

Target Audience

All members of the community

Expected Time

- At Quran memorisation centres: as per availability. - At mosques: with two days at maximum

Service Procedure

  • 1 Click on Start Service
  • 2 Fill the form
  • 3 Attach the required documents
  • 4 Evaluate the satisfaction about the registration form and send the application
  • 5 Click on Send

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Document Required

  1. 1 Copy of passport and valid residency permit for residents (File type: PDF / File size: 100 KB)
  2. 2 Photo (File type: Images / File size: 100 KB)

Terms & Conditions

  • None

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Service Accessibility Channels

Website, Mobile application

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8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Sunday- Thursday


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