Mosque Cleaning

Taking care of mosques’ cleanliness by entering into agreements with cleaning companies in order to deliver the highest level of services and ensure maintaining the cleanliness of mosques and their facilities, including water closets and ablution corners, as well as providing sanitation requirements. The aim is to ensure healthy and safe environment for worshipers in line with the teachings of Islam, and upkeep the houses of Allah.


Mosques Department

Service Type

Action Needed

Target Audience

Mosque Imams, GAIAE’s branches and cleaning companies

Expected Time

From 1 to 6 hours

Service Procedure

  • 1 Imam al Jamia access the service by clicking on “Start Service”
  • 2 Enter username and password
  • 3 Fill the cleanliness form and send it to Awqaf staff who is responsible to receive cleaning requests
  • 4 The concerned staff will forward the request to the maintenance department with a copy to the cleaning company
  • 5 Once the company completes the required work, the Imam al Jamia inspects the works to ensure they are done and then closes the request

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Document Required

  1. 1 None

Terms & Conditions

  • Adherence to the terms and conditions stipulated in the cleaning services contract signed with Awqaf.

Service Fees


Service Accessibility Channels

Awqaf Headquarters in Abu Dhabi

Payment Channel

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