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Awqaf developed the Electronic Hajj Registration System after evaluating the difficulties, obstacles and positive aspects of the previous Hajj seasons. The system is aimed at creating a database of individuals wishing to perform Hajj rites as well as the data of participating Hajj contractors within the timeline defined by Awqaf. It also seeks to process all administrative, financial and medical procedures electronically in a quick and innovative manner, thus achieving a quantum leap in this arena. Furthermore, the initiative is aimed at offering all the services relating to this sector online and in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations in effect.


This services goes through the following stages:

1. Registration in the electronic registration page (at accredited registration centres/ or through other means announced by Awqaf).

2. Sorting out and issuing work permit.

3. Hajj campaigns enter their programmes, services and prices in the system.

4. Pilgrims choose their preferred Hajj contractor through the Awqaf’s online service, and then complete administrative and financial procedures.

5. Medical check-up at the clinics accredited by health authorities in the UAE.

6. Transfer of pilgrims’ data to “Masar” electronic system, payment of fees, completion of required procedures and issuing Hajj permits


Hajj and Umrah Department

Service Type


Target Audience

Citizens only

Expected Time

Two weeks

Service Procedure

  • 1 Visit one of Awqaf’s branches to register. Once registration is successfully completed, applicant will receive SMS with reference number
  • 2 Sorting out stage starts
  • 3 Applicant receives approval via SMS.
  • 4 Access Awqaf’s website to choose one of the accredited Hajj contractors.
  • 5 Complete Hajj Vaccination and Health checkup from Approved Health centers
  • 6 Finally, the permit will be printed and handed over to the applicant.

View User Manual

File type: PDF / File size: 1.21 MB

Document Required

  1. 1 Copy of ID (File type: Images, Word, PDF / File size: 100 KB)
  2. 2 Passport (File type: Images, Word, PDF / File size: 100 KB)
  3. 3 Contract signed with the campaign operator (File type: Images, Word, PDF / File size: 100 KB)

Terms & Conditions

  • Registration in the system
  • Accredited permit
  • Medical check-up.

Service Fees


Service Accessibility Channels

GAIAE’s offices across the UAE.

Payment Channel

Online e-Dirham Card

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