Issuing Permit to circulate copies of the holy Quran

GAIAE is in charge of granting permits for the circulation of copies of the Holy Quran that are printed abroad.


Research and Monitoring of Religious Publications Department

Service Type

Needs Action

Target Audience

All members of the community, government and private entities.

Expected Time

One day

Service Procedure

  • 1 Submit official request to GAIAE for obtaining permit to circulate copies of the holy Quran
  • 2 Attach copy of the holy Quran
  • 3 GAIAE grants approval to the requesting entity provided the copies are accredited by the country of origin
  • 4 Failing to provide circulation permit from the country of origin, the request will be rejected

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Document Required

  1. 1 None

Terms & Conditions

  • Send copy of the holy Quran to be licensed

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Service Accessibility Channels

Awqaf Headquarter in Abu Dhabi

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