Headoffice/Branch relocation

​This service allows Hajj and Umrah operators to change the location of their headoffice or branch to another emirate as desired by owners.


Hajj and Umrah

Service Type


Target Audience

Hajj and Umrah operators

Expected Time

60 days

Service Procedure

  • 1 Operator applies for relocating head / branch office by sending email to Hajj and Umrah Division at the Awqaf branch office that the operator is affiliated to.
  • 2 Approval will be issued by the branch directly in case the relocation is in the same emirate/ city.
  • 3 In case relocating to another emirate/ city, Hajj and Umrah Division at the Awqaf branch will forward the application to the Hajj and Umrah Department, which will in turn refer it to the licensing committee. The latter will either approve or reject the ap
  • 4 Upon approval by the committee, the applicant will be advised to visit the concerned branch to collect the approval and details of required fee payment.
  • 5 Applicant will then pay the relocation fees by depositing the amount in the account and submitting payment receipt to the Hajj and Umrah division.
  • 6 Applicant relocates to the new office.
  • 7 Hajj and Umrah division inspects the new office to ensure adherence to all terms and requirements

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Document Required

  1. 1 Copy of original licence.

Terms & Conditions

  • Operators must rent an office for the new location after obtaining Awqaf's approval
  • Once approved: The new location inspection report

Service Fees


Service Accessibility Channels

Awqaf branches

Payment Channel

Depositing in Al Hilal Bank

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