Date of the Event: 01-06-2018

Guest scholars highlight importance of research for Mufti

Guest scholars highlight importance of research for Mufti

The Awqaf organised a specialised seminar on Fiqh for Muftis at the Dusit Thani hotel on Saturday evening. Speakers in the meeting included Dr Jalal Eddin Ismail Hasan Ajwa, member of the Council of Senior Scholars at Al Azhar, who discussed the sciences, knowledge and tools of scientific research that are a must for each Mufti.

Amongst such sciences and tools, Dr Ajwa mentioned the methodical sciences (language and logic), fundamentals of Fiqh, civil law, the science of Hadith, most important books on comparative Fiqh and the resolutions and recommendations of Fiqh councils. Additionally, Dr Ajwa underlined that the Mufti should also be conversant with the latest developments in life and the jurisprudence of reality, based on the concept that says: rulings change with the change of time. He also said a Mufti must be familiar with the Fiqh of Destiny and the purpose of religion, the rules of warding off harm and achieving interests in light of the fact that Islam a merciful religion that takes care of the interests of people.

The seminar also examined a number of the contemporary Fiqh issues and mechanism of taking the right decision and precise Fatwa to address them.

Meanwhile, other guest scholars talked about the connotation of Allah’s revelation (and have patience for His worship), explaining that each one of the acts of worship needs a kind of patience for performing it, yet such patience does not reach to the extent of enduring hardships since Allah the Almighty intends for His servants ease and does not intend for them hardship, for He says, “and has not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty.”

All the acts of worship enjoined upon Muslims are timely and facilitated ones, such as prayer, fasting, Hajj and Zakat. Other than these physical acts of worship, there are the spoken ones such as Quran recitation and Dhikr, which are doable in all conditions, even behind the machines in factories or in the other fields of production, the scholars added, stressing that such acts of worship teach moral ethics that are conducive to improve the productivity and elevate the believer’s souls to a degree at which they would sense their responsibility and accountability. Ultimately this will contribute to developing their performance, quality of work and innovation, the scholars further clarified.

On a relevant note, Scholar Yasin Mohammed Taha delivered a lecture at the Emirates Heritage Club about the solemn covenants that Allah the Almighty has taken from human beings and then the latter committed themselves to fulfil them. The most important of such covenants is loyalty to the nation, fulfilment of contracts, especially the contract of marriage in order to ensure stability of the family and allow ideal environment for raising children in righteous manner, he added.

For her part, Dr Kulthuma Dakhoosh delivered a lecture about women in the UAE at the Emirates Association for Social Development at al Dhait area in Ras al Khaimah. In her lecture, Dr Dakhoosh lauded the UAE leadership’s empowerment of Emirati women at their work places and specialisations, the aim being to allow the opportunity for them to innovate and employ the best of their talents and capabilities in serving their homeland, community and family. The Emirati woman has attained a great share of education, training and qualifications, something that should make her proud of her achievements in her work place. They should even be proud of what they are offering to the homeland, including sacrifices, martyrs and scientists who are contributing to the UAE’s renaissance, Dr Dakhaoosh underlined.

“Woman in the UAE, whether a mother, a wife, an employee or a minister, is embodying the most elite level of Arab Muslims in our contemporary life. Thus, she should be grateful to Allah the Almighty and then to her leadership and homeland for arranging for her an atmosphere of happiness, stability and prosperity,” Dr Dakhoosh concluded.

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