GAIAE Publications

GAIAE Publications:

  • Print copies of the Holy Quran
  • Issue books and conduct research promoting moderate Islamic culture
  • Conduct scholarly religious research in accordance with GAIAE operational plan
  • Participate in conferences, seminar and meetings
  • Respond to inquiries.
  • Issue Manar Al-Islam, a religious and cultural magazine
  • Publish research findings and shariah compliant information in the printed media

Some GAIAE Publications (in Arabic)

  • The Holy Quran.
  • Easy Quran Interpretation.
  • English Translation of Quran Meanings.
  • Tajweed rules.
  • Quranic Encyclopedia.
  • Pocket book for Tajweed Rules.
  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Farewell Sermon.
  • Maliki fiqh and Interpretation.
  • Religion and Life.
  • The Book of Fasting.
  • Fatawa on Hajj and Umrah.
  • Hajj and Umtah Rituals (CD).
  • 100 Questions on Hajj and Umrah.
  • Waqf Booklet.
  • Tolerance in Islam.
  • Manar Al-Islam (monthly religious and cultural magazine).
  • With Allah.
  • Our Children in Educational Institutions.

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