E-Participation Policy

Supervision Policy

Awqaf is committed to handling the public’s opinions, suggestions and contributions through a set of procedures as follows:

  1. Before approving publication, customers’ e-participation goes through a study and analysis process conducted by the team responsible for managing the e-participation tools.
  2. Notifying the user once their participation has been received via SMS, email, or in some exceptional cases through a phone call.
  3. Referring the participation to the concerned department at Awqaf for studying and providing feedback.
  4. Notifying the user of the results of the participation.

Our commitment to you:

  • To deal with you professionally and with respect.
  • To handle your inquiries through a dedicated professional team that demonstrates cooperation, knowledge and understanding to your requirements.
  • To respond to your enquiries in a prompt and timely manner.
  • To provide you with accurate information and well-defined service delivery process.
  • To strive in communicating with you at the times and through the channels that are convenient to you.
  • To welcome your feedback and suggestions as our partners in developing our services.

Public’s rights regarding e-Participation

The public has the right to:

  1. Know the results of the surveys and opinion polls occasionally published by the Awqaf.
  2. Receive a notification from the Awqaf confirming receipt of their participation by any means that Awqaf deems appropriate.
  3. Inquire about the status of the complaint, suggestion, or participation presented through any channel provided by the Awqaf.
  4. Obtain data related to the e-Participation tools in the form of open data that can be copied and downloaded.

Social Media Policy

In its quest to communicate with its customers via all means available, Awqaf has created accounts on the social media platforms; “Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram,” to provide them with the most important news and events and keep them updated on all matters related to Awqaf. We also strive to interact with our customers through the available social media networks and applications in a professional manner and with respect, the aim being to achieve their satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

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Awqaf uses various social media networks to communicate with the public via notifications, tweets, audio & video clips, as well as to post our news and events. Awqaf further welcomes the public’s inputs that are conducive to develop and enhance the quality of the services it offers to them in accordance with a systematic and practical organizational process.

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Last Updated: 26 February 2018