This service allows individuals to make electronic donations through one of the following channels:

- GAIAE’s App on smartphone and tablets (AWQAF) where the donor can register his/her data and select the type of disbursement channel and make the payment either using eDirham or credit card.

- Online via GAIAE’s website where the donor can register, select disbursement channel and make payment either using eDirham or credit card.


Department of Awqaf Investments

Service Type

Action needed

Target Audience

All members of the community

Expected Time


Service Procedure

  • 1 Click on “Start Service”
  • 2 From the list, select desired disbursement channel
  • 3 Enter the amount you wish to donate
  • 4 Select payment method (eDirham or credit card)
  • 5 5- Once complete, click send and receive payment receipt via email.

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Terms & Conditions

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Service Fees

Service Accessibility Channels

GAIAE main office in Abu Dhabi

Payment Channel

Online e-dirham, Master and Credit cards

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