Date of the Event: 31-10-2018

Awqaf: a new initiative to further promote the level of Friday sermon

Awqaf: a new initiative to further promote the level of Friday sermon

Within the framework of its innovative initiatives, the Awqaf has launched a new initiative that will introduce “Illustration icons on the layout of the Friday sermon”. The state-of-the-art initiative is aimed at taking higher the level of Khateebs’ performance. This will be achieved by inserting special symbols and colours on the form of the Khutba, each indicating to a specific rhetorical style along with a key explaining every icon and colour. The aim is to help the Khateebs to deliver the Friday speech in a correct manner, using a clear and easy to understand expressions.

Commenting on the move, Dr Mohammed Matar al Kaabi, Awqaf’s Chairman, affirmed the entity’s keen interest in promoting its mission by laying down development strategies and launching qualitative and innovative initiatives that are conducive to reinforce its vision and, at the same time, meet the needs of the community. He further hailed the great support to Awqaf by the UAE’s wise leadership, stressing that thanks to such support Awqaf has been able to discharge its responsibilities.

“Awqaf attributes a great importance to the Friday sermon, that being an active means of promoting awareness in the society, educating the public and addressing their religious and social matters. From this perspective, it was necessary for Awqaf to keep in pace with the current developments and the requirements they impose. Thus, the Friday Sermon is being continuously developed by the Friday Sermon department, which works on preparing the Khutba in accordance to a unified and sound scientific approach,” Dr al Kaabi pointed out, adding that such an approach takes into consideration the Khutb titles and suggestions shared by the public through the various communication channel. It also take into account the recommendations from the Official Fatwa Centre and the Preaching department, as well as the requirements of its strategic partners, Dr al Kaabi added.

Dr al Kaabi highlighted that the initiative comes within the framework of interaction with the Khateebs and standing on their needs in terms of public speaking and rhetorical skills. It was launched, he said, after lengthy analysis and several brainstorming sessions conducted by the Friday Sermon Department.

“The illustrations will be applied to the unified Friday sermon during the weekly workshops conducted by the trainer and the trainee Khateebs in order to review the Khutba and prepare for it,” Dr al Kaabi explained.

During their weekly meetings, the Khateebs were given an idea about the concept of the initiative. By conducting such workshops, Awqaf seeks to ensure contiguous enhancement of the Khateebs’ performance and outstanding preparation for the Khutba delivery. It also aims to conduct periodic evaluation of the Khateebs’ performance so as to identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on enhancing them, Dr al Kaabi underlined, noting that the initiative was well received by Khateebs who stressed that they have remarkably benefited from it.

It is worth mentioning that Awqaf conducts training workshops for Khateebs regularly throughout the year, the aim being to qualify them and refine their skills, thus elevate the level of their performance. Such approach is driven by Awqaf’s belief that the Khateeb is a key factor to the success of the Khutba. The reason is that a well-versed Khateeb is more likely to succeed in making the public look forward to the Friday sermon in order to benefit from it.

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