Waqf al Kair Campaign

The idea of the project

It consists of a charitable endowment contribution of AED 25 to be invested in efforts of printing the holy Quran and translating its meanings. The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments  undertakes the printing, publication and distribution of the holy Quran.


To engage the community in continuing charity of printing the holy Quran and translating its meanings.


  • To serve the holy Quran by largely printing it, being one of the most superior acts to please Allah, The Most Exalted.
  • To involve the community in printing the holy Quran.
  • To allow all segments of society to contribute to continuing charity.
  • To obtain reward in life and after death.

The virtues of contributing to printing the holy Quran:

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Verily, the good deeds and virtues (the reward of which) reaches a believer even after his death are the knowledge that he acquires and then disseminated it, the righteous son whom he left (behind after his death), a copy of the scripture (Quran) that he has left as a legacy, or a mosque he built, or a building (hotel) that he constructed for the wayfarers, or a canal he excavated (to flow), or a Sadaqa (charity) that he gives out of his wealth during his good health and during his lifetime. The (reward of) these virtues would reach him (and benefit him) even after his death." (Ibn Majah).

He (pbuh) also said, "The reward will reach seven categories of people even after their death, while in their graves. They are those who acquired knowledge and then disseminated it, excavated canals, planted palm trees, built mosques, left copies of the Quran as a legacy or righteous sons who would ask forgiveness for them after their death." (Al Bayhaqi).

Some of the outcomes of the project is that the donor establishes for himself a continuing charity that helps in the efforts of distributing the holy Quran and translating its meanings.

How to contribute:

Direct cash donation with the GAIAE's representatives upon which the donor receives an official receipt.

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