Date of the Event: 10-04-2019

The Islamic Affairs holds training workshops for Khateebs

The Islamic Affairs holds training workshops for Khateebs

As part of its early preparations for the blessed month of Ramadan, the Islamic Affairs will launch as of 14 April 2019 a series of workshops aimed at training the mosque Khateebs all over the Emirates. Around 93 trainees will be charged with undertaking the task of training roughly 2439 Khateebs to hone their skills in delivering the sermon.

In a statement, Awqaf’s Chairman, Dr Mohammed Matar al-Kaabi, said: “Awqaf’s strategic plan seeks to continue the training and development process in such a way as to achieve excellence and to foster innovation, being the aim to enrich the society’s religious culture and provide the public with top-notch quality of information based on moderation, openness and tolerance.”

“To this end, these values ought to be cherished by sharpening the Khateebs’ oratorical skills in giving the sermon,” emphasised Dr al-Kaabi.

Dr al-Kaabi concluded his statement by saying: “the trainee Khateebs will be receiving intensive programs on oratory styles with the aim to promote their culture. The Khateebs will be also learning the academic and literary styles in oratory, being the aim to make the weekly sermon worth listening to and benefitting from in terms of information, language, style and eloquence skills.”

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