Date of the Event: 10-02-2019

The Islamic Affairs holds meeting with its partners to discuss ways to serve the Emirati pilgrims

The Islamic Affairs holds meeting with its partners to discuss ways to serve the Emirati pilgrims

Recently, Awqaf delegation members returned to the homeland after a working visit to the Saudi Arabia where they conducted the second meeting with Emirati Haj operators to keep them abreast of the latest developments and procedures with regards to organising Haj this year.

The meeting was presided over by Awqaf’s director-general, HE Mohammed Saeed Al-Neyadi, who lauded the great care the Emirati pilgrims receive from the UAE astute leadership as well as the Awqaf and Haj operators’ experience in providing pilgrims with top-notch services. All of this has helped pilgrims perform their Haj rites with ease and comfort.

Then, the attendees were briefed on the meeting outcomes along with the officials at the Ministry of Haj, most important of which are as follows:

- Commitment to registering within the electronic track of the Ministry of Haj because any contract or registration being made from outside the track will be invalid or legally null and void. It will be merely detrimental to the interests of pilgrims. Furthermore, entering into a contract with the Automobile Association in Saudi Arabia must be made via this track in which the number of cars, buses, cost and fees must be said.

- After every three years, Haj plans are likely to change. Hence, this is the last year of the plan for the Emirati pilgrims. The new plan will include the study of changing locations of the Emirati Haj campaigns to be better, including the increase of pilgrims for every country. The permits given to UAE pilgrims now stand at 6228.

With the projects being launched by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to expand the Mina place by building residential apartments and towers, the metric size will increase, and consequently will provide for each country an increase in the number of pilgrims.

- This year, according to the instructions of the Kingdom, the proportion of pre-made healthy meals will increase up to 30%, thus reducing the risk of kitchens in the tents, and the percentage will reach record high 100% in the coming years.

At Last, Awqaf director general discussed with Haj operators some of the proposals that would make pilgrims happy and provide them with spaces suitable to their seats and places of worship in the tents.

He also praised the early registration and facilitation of its procedures and giving priority to the people of determination and the elderly, emphasising in the meantime improvement of the services that best suit pilgrims’ needs in coordination with the relevant entities inside and outside UAE.

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