Date of the Event: 25-04-2019

The European Union’s Special Envoy for the Promotion of Freedom of Religion visits Awqaf

The European Union’s Special Envoy for the Promotion of Freedom of Religion visits Awqaf

Dr Mohammed Matar al-Kaabi, Chairman of Awqaf, received at Awqaf Head Office in Abu Dhabi Mr Jan Figel, the EU’s Special Envoy for the Promotion of Freedom of Religion or Belief outside the European Union accompanied with Patrizio Fondi, the EU Ambassador, in addition to a host of guests and a bunch of Awqaf’s officials were in attendance.

Welcoming the guest, Dr Al Kaabi extended his sincere greetings for the visit Jan Figel paid to Awqaf while briefing him on Awqaf’s role in promoting religious awareness amongst society’s individuals according to the tolerant teachings of Islam.

“The latter calls for the consolidation of lofty human values, the spread of tolerance, peace and co-existence, protection of citizenship rights, elimination of violence, extremism and hatred, and respect of freedom of religions and beliefs,” emphasised Dr al-Kaabi.

On a related note, Awqaf Chairman pointed out that such values are deemed the core of our religion and the backbone of UAE Constitution as laid down by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and still cherished by HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President, his Deputy, Crown Prince and the Rulers of the Emirates.

“These values always stress respect of human being and humanity and promotion of moral values that have caused UAE to become a beacon of tolerance, emblem of goodness for humanity and a melting pot of civilisations and cultures, “said Dr al-Kaabi.

He highlighted that UAE had become a platform for launching the human fraternity initiatives benefitting people around the world, pointing out in the meantime that these values are ubiquitous in our daily lives in UAE.

Dr al-Kaabi also said that Awqaf, via mosque lessons, Friday sermons, lectures, symposiums, Iftaa, television and radio programs, calls for peace, mercy, and spread of fraternity, love, eradication of hate, and consolidation of social bonds because, he added, these values are the basis of life and benchmark of nations’ development and progress.

The EU’s envoy was briefed on Awqaf’s unrelenting efforts in cementing peace, and co-existence, expressing his admiration of the effective role Awqaf is taking on to accomplish this goal.

Mr Jan Figel lauded Awqaf’s endeavour to reach out a large section of society with the sound ideology, and also praised the smooth organisation and workflow at Awqaf and its keen interest to make progress and development.

The visit was a tremendous opportunity for both parties to discuss ways to strengthen ties of communication and understanding between the Muslim world and the West, encourage dialogue and co-existence, combat violence and terrorism, and cope with the clash of civilisations.

The guest visited the UAE official Fatwa Centre where Dr al-Kaabi briefed him on the Centre’s mechanism in receiving and answering public queries by using the state-of-the-art technologies that enable the audience to contact the scholars who are known for the knowledge and moderation.

Dr al-Kaabi reaffirmed to the guest that the Centre is an official Fatwa reference aimed at fostering the religious tolerance by authenticating the Fatwas, unifying their reference and shutting down the door for personal and improvised Fatwas and confronting the Fatwas that seek to boost extremism and terrorism.

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