The revenues of this Waqf are allocated to promote acts of piety and goodness and include the following:

  • Supporting various acts of goodness and charity.
  • Facilitating Haj and Umra by providing various necessities of travel for pilgrims.
  • Digging wells and channelling water, including providing means of extracting water, its distribution and irrigation.

  • The Waqf aims at, but not limited to:

    • To contribute to the organisation of Haj and provide means for its success.
    • To contribute to achieve the educational goals of Haj, especially nurturing the love for doing good and strengthening faith.
    • To contribute to the promotion of virtues amongst Muslims given the positive impact of Haj on Muslims' behaviours and characters.
    • To help the needy to achieve their desire for performing Haj.
    • To contribute to the provision of water for drinking and irrigation.
    • To Help the poor and ease their hardship.
    • To contribute to the promotion of a sense of solidarity amongst individuals.

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