Quality Management Policy

Quality Management Policy

Quality management policy (QMP)aims at spreading the Islamic culture, reviving and promoting the waqf (endowment) practices amongst various segments of society as well as providing jurisprudence opinion related to religious queries. To achieve these goals, the GAIAE has set an elaborate system of policies and legislations. The GAIAE provides for a number of activities and initiatives of high quality that satisfy the needs of all stakeholders and public in conformity with the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

The Quality management policy at GAIAE seeks also to lay down objectives and a performance benchmark and review and follow them up periodically. The GAIAE will simultaneously focus on continuous development of institutional capacity and staff to the provision of the best services and adoption of the best latest practices.

Environmental, occupational health and safety management policy

This policy aims at promoting environmental awareness as per the Islamic teachings amongst staff, mosque goers, the GAIAE's clients and suppliers as well as among the community in order to improve the environmental performance and the occupational health and safety procedures in all of the Authority's operations and activities. While doing so, the GAIAE will provide the necessary training and collaborate with all stakeholders to rationally use energy, recycle materials, reduce accident rates and prevent risks in line with the procedures and legislations as well as the Approach of Excellence in force.

This is in order to observe safety and sustainability in the implementation of tasks and the commitment to the environmental, occupational health and safety management policy as per the international standards for environmental management system ISO 14001 and the occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001.

Environmental, occupational health and safety management policy seeks also to define objectives and performance indicators, review and follow them up periodically with a focus on continuous improvement and operational control process.​​

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