Rules and regulations ​​​

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1Federal Law no. (2) of 2001 regarding ​the Social Security4158 KB PDF
2Federal Law no. (1) of 2018 regarding the Private Centres3133 KB PDF
3Guide to Board Governance in the UAE Federal Government343 KB PDF
4Federal Law no. (5) of 2018 regarding the Endowments577 KB PDF
5Federal Law no. (4) of 2018 on the Organisation and Care for Mosques427 KB PDF
6Federal Law no. (11) of 2008 on Human Resources in the Federal Government650 KB PDF
7The Cabinet Resolution no. (6) of 2017 on the Organisational Chart of Awqaf2048 KB PDF
8The Cabinet Resolution no. (32) of 2018 on the Organisation of Haj and Umra9216 KB PDF
9The Cabinet Resolution no. (69) of 2020 on the Executive Regulations of the Private Centres for Memorising the Quran148 KB PDF
10Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Document1024 KB PDF
11The Cabinet decision no. (10) of 2019 concerning the implementing regulation of Federal decree by law on anti-money laundering15600 KB PDF
12The Federal decree by law no. (20) of 2018 on countering money laundering crimes3000 KB PDF

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