• To comply with the protocol on the resumption of prayer in mosques and prayer rooms.
  • To re-open mosques located on external roads. Women’s prayer rooms, ablution areas, and restrooms will be re-opened in all mosques across UAE.
  • Mosques will be closed after the prayer is performed. No one will be allowed to stay inside or do Itikaf (i.e. to be isolated in a mosque to dedicate one’s time to the worship of Allah).
  • To observe any violations and irregularities by people coming for prayers in collaboration with relevant entities.
  • To ensure that all imams, muezzins and the personnel of the mosques are fully vaccinated and have taken the booster vaccine with the necessity to conduct a PCR test regularly.
  • Security and cleaning companies must ensure that their entire staff working in mosques are fully vaccinated and conduct a PCR test regularly.​

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Last Updated: 24 November 2021