Date of the Event: 11-07-2021

Award to a Nation Man

Award to a Nation Man

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, may Allah rest his soul in peace, has deepened and cemented the concept and methodology of humanitarian work. Thanks to his compassionate heart and far-sighted vision, he managed to make people happy domestically and overseas irrespective of their religion, skin colour, nationality or ethnicity.

The late Sheikh Zayed had a deep-rooted belief that Allah has created him and all humankind, and he who possesses wealth should utilise it for the good of Allah’s servants, as there is a reward for service to every living being. Astonishingly, the late Sheikh Zayed’s generosity and humanitarian aid have reached out to even the animals and the environment.

All of this has been transformed into great humane values, an excellent strategy and a unique institutional institution adopted by the UAE wise leadership of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President, may Allah protect him, who is a beacon of giving and humanitarian relief.

This shining chain of never-ending and substantial humanitarian donations and stances has definitely established solid and robust bridges and cast the light on the national values that are profoundly embedded in the Emiratis.

For this reason, the UAE has attained the peak of limitless humanitarian giving in many circumstances as it renders a helping hand to those in need in every corner of the globe.

The entire world, from pole-to-pole, witnesses that UAE is indeed the source and core of benevolence, holding the mission of truth and raising the banner of peace, tolerance and love for all humankind.

Among the country’s most incredible pride and that which makes every human being and Muslim rejoice is the award granted to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, in recognition and appreciation of his humanitarian role around the world.

The award is given to His Highness by the Vatican, a global spiritual centre and leadership for the Catholic church, followed by a billion and one hundred and forty-seven million populations worldwide. The Vatican is historically known as a fierce advocate for peaceful humanitarian issues.

The award granted to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is a source of pride for all Emiratis due to the love, fidelity and loyalty they have for His Highness, may Allah protect him.

He is a beacon of benevolence as he always strives to render a helping hand to the world’s countries, especially during the Covid-19 domestically and abroad, by offering unwavering support for healthcare, providing people with the vaccines and dispatching planes filled with medications for the needy around the globe.

These international humanitarian aid and relief have stupefied the patient receiving the treatment and the healthy receiving the vaccination, not to mention His Highness’ endeavours to foster the human fraternity values, bring about peace, stability and progress and ward off the scourge of conflicts, warring, destruction and forced displacement.

He is indeed a leader equal to a nation, resolve to give generously and help enormously in times of calamities.


Dr Mohamed Matar Salem Al-Kaabi

Chairman of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments

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