Date of the Event: 07-05-2019

The Islamic Affairs launches a campaign entitled ‘Chances of Charity to Build and Cater for Mosques’

The Islamic Affairs launches a campaign entitled ‘Chances of Charity to Build and Cater for Mosques’

The Islamic Affairs launches all over the country a campaign aimed at reviving the tradition of endowment titled ‘Chances of Charity to Build and Cater for Mosques’. The campaign will continue to run during the holy month of Ramadan.

The aim is to cement the concept of endowment, shed light on its virtue and contribute to building mosques, ensuring education for all, taking care of orphans, helping the poor and needy, spreading the Quran and its sciences, boosting the concept of solidarity amongst society members and service the entire humanity.

On this occasion, Mr Khaled al-Neyadi, the Executive Director of Waqf Affairs, lauded the excellent care given by the UAE wise leadership to the endowments and mosques, mentioning that developing the endowment began in the era of the late Sheikh Zayed, may Allah rest his soul in peace.

He said that the campaign aims to build around 800 mosques over the coming few years where plots of lands had been allotted in new cities and neighbourhoods, in addition to under construction mosques that need to be maintained and refurbished.

On a related note, al-Neyadi also said that Awqaf, as per its strategic plans, endeavours to expand the endowment investments and increase the revenues generated from them so that the former can deliver its mission in society.

He praised the results the previous Waqf campaign had accomplished as organised by Awqaf via partnerships and agreements concluded with the stock markets as per the advanced standards that help generate investments revenues for Waqf funds and expand their scope to serve a more extensive section of society and ultimately achieve the philanthropists’’ ambitions.

It is noteworthy that the cost is estimated by the Emirati dirham based on size and type of finishings that start as of 2 million dirhams. Amount of the contribution: cost of Mafhas al-Qatah is 200 dirhams, and the philanthropist can donate whatsoever amount he or she can.

Donation channels:

  • * Sales Representatives
  • * Text Messages (SMS)
  • * Monthly Deductions
  • * E-Donation locations at ATM
  • * Smart cards ‘Visa Card’ ‘Master Card
  • * Awqaf website by entering the number of the smart card ‘Visa Card’ ‘Master Card.’
  • * To make a donation via smartphone applications
  • To donate, you can find accounts for Mafhas al-Qatah project on Awqaf website:

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