The E-Services provides an interactive ways of communication to our valued customers with the authority. Whether you would like to send a religious inquiry, a suggestion, or a complaint you can access our e-services to do so

We welcome your suggestion(s) or complaint(s) about any of GAIAE functions or services. We will make sure to forward it to the proper department.

  • Go to E-Services on the website main page. Click on Suggestions and Complaints Webpage
  • Register by clicking on Awqaf Customers
  • To obtain a user name and password you have to provide the following information:
    • Personal information
    • Contact information
    • Department information (for GAIAE staff only)
    • User information
      Please read and abide by the registration's conditions.
    With your user name and password you can access the webpage at any time.

Through this webpage, any person interested in donating money or offering an endowment (waqf) can provide his/her personal information. GAIAE pertinent department will contact him/her.

How to access this webpage?

  • Go the E-Services on the main page
  • Click on Donations and Endowments
    Enter your personal information (*full name, *phone no., *P.O. Box, *e-mail address, *country of residence, *form of endowment (waqf) you are interested in.
  • Click on send. The proper department will contact you.

Manar-Al-Islam is an Islamic and cultural magazine published monthly by GAIAE

To view the magazine

  • Click on Manar-A-Islam on the main page.

This link enables Quran Centers to submit data related to each Quran Centre in the UAE. Data such as details of students, teachers, location, the centre staff and management can be submitted via this link.

Note: Only official Quran Centers authorized by AWQAF can submit data (not individuals)

This link is exclusively for registered Hajj pilgrim operators to enter the data of pilgrims e.g. (Name, Passport No., Photo etc....). After submitting this information the Hajj operators shall receive Hajj cards permitting travel for Hajj purpose.

Note: This is only for Hajj operators licensed by authority (not for individuals)

Awqaf website contains many user-friendly tools, which enhance accessibility and enable users to navigate in a user-friendly manner.
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