Abbreviations and Glossary

AbbreviationDescription/ Full Form
The countryUnited Arab Emirates
The PresidentThe President of the UAE
AwqafGeneral Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments
The entityGeneral Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments
Awqaf’s ChairmanChairman of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments
Board of DirectorsAwqaf’s Board of Directors
MyGovThe UAE Federal Feedback Gateway
Mosque Workers All staff working in a mosque or Musalla in one of the positions defined in the budget of the concerned entity
Endower/ Donor (Waqif)The owner of the Waqf (endowment), whether Muslim/ non-Muslim person or entity.
WaqfThe legally established endowment, including the property, the proceeds and the rights.
BeneficiaryThe beneficiary of the proceeds of an endowment, whether a person, an initiative, a project or any other disbursement channel.
SupervisorThe legal authority or person authorised by the endower or under the regulations of the relevant law and its executive provisions to manage the administrative and financial affairs related to the endowment/s.
RepresentativeA citizen assigned by the owner in accordance with the provisions of this resolution.


MosqueThe place dedicated for establishing prayer. All facilities and utilities attached to the mosque are considered as part of the mosque.
MusallaThe place dedicated for establishing prayer in public or private establishments
Eid MusallaPlace allocated for observing Eid prayer.
WaqfMortmain property and the disbursement of its proceeds.
OffspringThe endower’s children and heirs, like grandchildren, both males and females.
Endower’s WishesThe terms laid down by the endower specifying the nature of endowment, disbursement channels of its proceeds, term and continuity, overseeing and management, and any other matter related to maintaining the endowment.
Waqf EstablishmentDocument issued by the competent court confirming the endowment or any amendment to it.
Register The record issued by the concerned authority to register the endowment and any amendment thereof.
Holy sitesMina, Arafat and Muzdalifah.
Holy placesThe holy places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Mecca, Medina, and the holy sites.
OfficeHujjaj Affairs Office in the holy places.
ContractingThe activity permitted to be carried out in accordance with the provisions of this resolution, in terms of organising Hajj/ Umrah journeys.
Licensing CommitteeThe committee that grants permits to Hajj and Umrah contractors. It was established in accordance with the provisions of this resolution.
Campaign/ ContractorAny entity licensed to carry out the contracting activity.
Campaign/ Contractor licenseThe permit issued by the licensing committee in accordance with this resolution for organising Hajj and Umrah journeys.
Service contracts auditing committeeThe committee responsible for auditing Hajj contracts and inspecting pilgrims’ accommodation and transportation.
Electronic SystemThe electronic system used for Hajj & Umrah services.
e-Registration CommitteeThe committee responsible for managing the electronic registration system.
PermitPermit The Permit granted by Awqaf to pilgrims to perform Hajj or Umrah rites.
ContractThe contract signed between the pilgrim and the Hajj contractor through the e-registration system adopted by Awqaf.
Merging contractAwqaf-approved contract concluded between Hajj operators during the Hajj season.

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