The proceeds of this Waqf serve orphans and poor people by providing them with the basic needs to ensure for them the necessary subsistence and facilitate their life. This is in line with the principles of solidarity and compassion that guarantee human integrity for the needy and the poor.

It includes the following:

  • Helping orphans and the poor. Thanks to the proceeds of this Waqf, this category of people can get the necessary subsistence to help them out in their life and meet their basic needs. As such, the Waqf contributes to the promotion of the values of human solidarity and integrity.
  • Taking care of poor families through the revenues of endowments. In this context, a family is defined as consisting of father, mother and children, or can also be composed of a husband and wife and may include a grandmother, a grandfather, brothers and sisters.
  • Supporting the needy and the insolvent, facilitating their life, sponsoring their families as much as possible and helping them with the payment of their debt, among others.

The Waqf fund aims at, but not limited to:

  • To reduce poverty amongst the poor by providing them with the basic needs and ensure for them an acceptable living level.
  • To seek means of providing stable income for them.
  • To contribute to changing the negative feeling towards this group of people.
  • To seek integrating the poor and needy in the public social life.

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