Loyalty to the mother

The Idea of the project

It consists of an endowment contribution of AED 10 to honour the mother in her life or after death. It is invested in continuing charities and other charitable endowment projects.


To strengthen the family ties and encourage treating mothers with kindness.


  • To give opportunity to people to treat their mothers kindly while they are alive or after they passed away.
  • To establish a practical framework for nicely treating mothers.
  • To achieve the true meanings of honouring the ties of kinship.

The virtues of contributing to "the loyalty to the mother" project

  • Treating mothers nicely whether in their life or after their death, as Allah, the Almighty, said, "and to parents, good treatment." (Al Israa:23).
  • Honouring the mother after her death. It was reported that "the mother of Saad bin Ubada died in his absence. He said, "O Allah's Apostle, my mother died in my absence; will it be of any benefit for her if I give Sadaqa on her behalf?" The Prophet said, "Yes," Saad said, "I make you a witness that I gave my garden called Al Makhraf in charity on her behalf."

Some of the outcomes of "the loyalty to the mother" project

The donor to the project establishes an ongoing charity, which shall be a cause for treating mothers nicely, whether in their lifetime or after death.

How to contribute

Direct cash donation with the GAIAE's representatives upon which the donor receives an official receipt.

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