Loyalty to the father

The Idea of the project

It consists of an endowment contribution of AED 10 to honour the father in his life or after death. It is invested in continuing charities and other charitable endowment projects.


To strengthen the family ties and encourage treating fathers with kindness.


  • To give the opportunity to people to treat their fathers kindly while they are still alive or after they passed away.
  • To establish a practical framework for nicely treating fathers.
  • To achieve the true meanings of honouring the ties of kinship.
  • The virtues of contributing to the "loyalty to the father" project

    • Treating fathers nicely whether in their life or after their death, as Allah, the Almighty, said, "and to parents, good treatment." (Al Israa:23).
    • Establishing a continuing charity whose reward is long-lasting. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "When a person passes away, his actions from him are terminated, except in three cases. He gave something in charity which is continuing, or knowledge which is benefited from, or son who makes Duaa for him." (Sahih Muslim).

    Some of the outcomes of the "loyalty to the father " project

    The donor to the project establishes an ongoing charity, which shall be a cause for treating fathers nicely, whether in their lifetime or after death.

    How to contribute

    Direct cash donation with the GAIAE's representatives upon which the donor receives an official receipt.

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