The idea of the project

It consists of an endowment contribution of AED 10 to be invested in efforts of preserving ties of kinship.


Fostering compassion and upholding the bonds amongst members of the family and supporting social communication within the community.


  • To strengthen the foundations of cooperation and solidarity amongst the members of the community.
  • To encourage individuals to treat their blood relatives nicely, whether they are alive or dead.
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction amongst relatives.
  • To teach the youth the value of honouring the ties of kinship.

The virtues of contributing to "the project of upholding bonds of kinship"

  • Those who fulfil this obligation will have the favour of Allah keeping ties with them, as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Arham (the ties of kinship) is holding onto the Throne and saying: 'he who keeps me, may Allah keep ties with him, yet whoever severs me, may Allah sever the ties with him." (Agreed upon).
  • Those who honour the bonds of kinship will have the favour of Allah blessing their provision. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "He who desires to be granted more provision and that his lifetime to be prolonged should treat his kith and kin as well." (Agreed upon).
  • Honouring ties of kinship is a cause for entering Paradise, as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "O people, spread peace; feed one another; keep good relations with your kin; pray in the night, while others are asleep - for you shall enter the Garden of Paradise in peace." (Sunan al Tirmidhi).
  • Observing bonds of kinship blesses and increases one's lifetime. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "He to whom it pleases that Allah increases his lifetime, and provision and protects him from the bad death, should fear Allah and observe the ties with his kin and kith."

Some of the outcomes of the project is that the donor establishes for himself a continuing charity that helps him keep ties with Allah, get the reward in this life and the next and enter the Paradise.

 How to contribute:

Direct cash donation with the GAIAE's representatives upon which the donor receives an official receipt.

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