The proceeds of this Waqf are allocated to the mosques and Islamic affairs related expenses.

It includes the following:

  • Maintaining mosques and providing for the needs of their attendants. This involves tasks of building, furnishing restoring, cleaning and perfuming mosques in addition to providing accommodation and salaries for Imams, Muezzins or any other party which has a role in this process.
  • Supporting religious Fatwa activities. This provides for the necessary funding to Fatwa centres and their staff, Fatwa issuance and its dissemination via different means. It also involves training scholars to give religious opinions and providing for their salaries and compensations.
  • Printing and distributing the Holy Quran.
  • Establishing the Holy Quran memorisation centres, which teach the Quran and its sciences, allocating salaries for mentors and other staff, sponsoring learners, and providing for all the necessary operational needs and requirements.

This Waqf disbursement aims at, but not limited to:

  • To contribute to the construction of houses of Allah, supply their furniture as necessary and meet the needs of population in various areas.
  • To ensure the sustainable benefits of giving and promote the religious rituals for their value in meeting the community's needs.
  • To support the religious Fatwa activities and offer the sustainable means for communication and development in line with the contemporary developments and following the principles of moderation.
  • To distribute the Holy Quran and contribute to its memorisation, learning and teaching so as to ensure it is properly taken care of to serve the individuals and the community alike.

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