Furnishing mosques

The idea of the project

  • It consists of an endowment contribution of AED 10 to be invested in furnishing mosques.
  • Mission

    • To encourage the community to participate in furnishing mosques and their upkeep.
    • Goals

      • To allow members of the community to furnish mosques and get the reward of the ongoing charity.
      • To benefit from the contribution of the community to the continuing charity programmes.
      • To maintain the continuity and the support for the development of endowment charity programmes.

      The virtues of contributing to "the project of furnishing mosques"

      • Obtaining the long-lasting reward of this good deed. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "Four of the acts of the living individuals benefit the dead: a man who left good progeny to pray for him so the reward of their prayers reaches him; a man who gave a continuing charity after him and for his sake. He will gain the benefit of his work entirely and without diminution." (Tabarani).
      • Contributing to the community by offering to furnish the mosques. Allah the Almighty says, "The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah." (Attawba:18).

      Some of the outcomes of the project

      • Some of the outcomes of the project is that the donor establishes for himself a continuing charity through which he can win a permanent reward from Allah, The Most Exalted.
      • How to contribute:

        • Direct cash donation with the GAIAE's representatives upon which the donor receives an official receipt.

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