Departments Are:

  • Office of H.E. GAIAE Chairman.
  • Office of H.E. GAIAE Director General.
  • Department of Government Communications.
  • Dept. of Strategy & Future
  • Office of Executive Director of Islamic Affairs.
  • Mosques Department
  • Department of Hajj (pilgrimage)and Umrahh
  • Department of Religious Centers and Institutes.
  • Center for Ifta' (Islamic ruling).
  • Department of Research and Censorship of Religious Publications.
  • Office of Executive Director of Awqaf Affairs.
  • Department of Awqaf Endowers and Beneficiaries.
  • Department of f Investments.
  • Office of Executive Director of Support Services.
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Department of Financial Affairs.
  • Department of General Services.
  • Department of Information Technology.
  • Department of Legal Affairs.

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