Date of the Event: 25-02-2013

Awqaf hosts lecture on positive attitude at work

Awqaf staff were advised about ways to alleviate work stress and maintain good health. This came during a lecture given by Dr Mufid Rauf from the psychiatry department at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC). The lecture was held in coordination with the SKMC, and was part of a series of activities organised by the government communication department at Awqaf with various institutions in the UAE. It came also to highlight its social responsibility and implement its operational programme in line with Awqaf strategic plan as approved by the Cabinet. Dr Rauf first thanked Awqaf for its keen interest to contribute to its staff development academically and practically, saying that it was using scientifically attested methods to motivate personnel to seek innovation at their work. He then explained the importance of work for the individual and the community and expounded on how to positively deal with work as well as sources of stress. He further explained the negative effects of stress on employees' output and ways to address them smartly. On a related note, Dr Rauf defined what is meant by psychological health, how to acquire it and maintain it. He mentioned that life-work balance is necessary for individuals in order to avoid related stress. The latter tends to greatly affect employees, who lack the means to cope with it, he said. He added that people differ in terms of their attitude to handle work stress and anxieties, hence the importance of creating a balance between life requirements and rationally handling them by adopting positive strategies that lead to success. He also explained that understanding work environment helps minimising the effects of work stress, which, in turn, increases the employee's satisfaction and motivation, and ultimately productivity.

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