Date of the Event: 25-02-2018

Awqaf and Poland’s Religious Union sign MoU

Awqaf and Poland’s Religious Union sign MoU

A memorandum of understanding and cooperation was signed on Thursday, February 22 between the Awqaf and the Supreme Council for the Polish Religious Union. Signed at the Awqaf’s head offices in Abu Dhabi, the memorandum is aimed at bolstering cooperation and coordination between the two sides as well as exchanging expertise and researches. It also targets at implementing training programmes and workshops for Imams, preachers and Muftis, in addition to development of religious education and mosques’ mission.

The memorandum was signed from Awqaf’s side by its Chairman, HE Dr Mohammed Matar al Kaabi, and His Eminence Sheikh Ahmed Tomasz Miskiewicz, Grand Mufti of the Republic of Poland and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Polish Religious Union.

Dr al Kaabi welcomed His Eminence the Mufti saying, “The signing of the MoU comes in framework of the care given by the UAE wise leadership to strengthening the relationships with Poland and bolstering inter-government relations between the two countries.”

“This MoU will further reflect the tolerance, moderation and civilised co-existence amongst people, those being the utmost goals of Islam which promotes cooperation and extending communication bridges amongst nations and civilisations,” Dr al Kaabi concluded.

For his part, the Polish Mufti underlined that the religious discourse in the UAE has set a role model to be emulated by other countries in tolerance, development and combatting the aspects of extremism as well as highlighting the bright image of Islam.

“We are in dire need to open interconnection, cooperation and coordination channels with our friends at the Awqaf with regards to all the above matters as well as many other fields that are beneficial for the two sides, especially those related to exchanging researches, holding workshops and conferences, developing the performance of Imams and Muftis, elevating the Quran sciences curricula and teaching them at the Quran memorisation centres,” added Miskiewicz.

Concluding his statement, His Eminence the Mufti said, “We thank our friends in the UAE, leadership and government, for the remarkable level achieved in the brotherly relationships between the UAE and Poland.”

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